Tetryon Parts
closedPlease Note: The store will be closed indefinitely. It is time to stop and smell the roses, and catch up on some other hobbies. Thanks for visiting.


The purpose of Tetryon Parts is to provide high-precision, high-quality resin parts for upgrading or accurizing injection-molded science fiction kits. Tetryon is a small just-for-fun operation.

The web site is organized by model. Select a model below to see available upgrade parts.

1:1000 Constitution Refit

1:1400 Galaxy


For simplicity, payment through the web site is handled via PayPal. If this payment method is not an option, contact us to work something out.


The product pages on this site contain purchase links for individual items. If multiple parts are desired, the Multiple Order Page can be used to combine shipping.


All shipping is handled via Canada Post. The shipping rate is flat across the planet.


Tetryon Parts can be reached via eMail.

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